Cometa are an icy, small Sol­ar Sys­tem bod­ies that, when passing close to the Sun, warm and begin to release gases, a pro­cess called out­gass­ing. This pro­duces a vis­ible atmo­sphere or coma, and some­times also a tail. These phe­nom­ena are due to the effects of sol­ar radi­ation and the sol­ar wind act­ing upon the nuc­le­us of the comet. Comet nuc­lei range from a few hun­dred meters to tens of kilo­met­ers across and are com­posed of loose col­lec­tions of ice, dust, and small rocky particles.

[descrip­tion from wiki­pe­dia]

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Hello, my name is Martin Rusterholz. I’m a Swiss amateur astrophotographer living near Zurich, the biggest town in Switzerland. My interest in astronomy started when I was 16. At that time, I built my first Newtonian telescope and mount. I studied physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) which was the only study including at least some aspects of astronomy and astrophysics. “Looking at the nights sky is an experience touching everybody deeply inside, something common to all human beings independent to the language spoken by the individuals”. Deep-sky astrophotography is my passion.