Little Dumb­bell Neb­ula (M76)

Dec. 2021 | Blog, France, Nebulae

I first imaged the plan­et­ary Neb­ula Messi­er 76 (M76, NGC 650/​651) in Decem­ber 2010. There are many objects which looks easy to pro­cess, but are pretty demand­ing. M76 is one of these, spe­cially because of the high dynam­ic range between the main body and the “wings”. This is the reas­on why I decided to revis­it M76. Luck­ily we had a peri­od of very good see­ing November/​December 2021 and thanks to the bright­ness of the object, I was able to take nar­row­band images dur­ing moon nights.

The image is a com­bin­a­tion of a long exposed nar­row­band images (Hal­pha 5nm/​OIII 3nm) of the plan­et­ary neb­ula with short­er exposed RGB data of the star field.

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