M106 (NGC 4258) in Canes Venatic

M106 (Messi­er 106 also known as NGC 4258) is a spir­al galaxy in the con­stel­la­tion Canes Ven­at­ici, dis­covered by Pierre Méchain in 1781. M106 is at a dis­tance of about 22 to 25 mil­lion light-years away from Earth. It is also a Sey­fert II galaxy, which means that due to x‑rays and unusu­al emis­sion lines detec­ted, it is sus­pec­ted that part of the galaxy is fall­ing into a super­massive black hole in the cen­ter. The small galaxy to the right of M106 is NGC 4248 shin­ing at 12.5 mag.

[descrip­tion from wikipedia]


RCOS 14.5″ f/​8
Apo­gee U16M
Astro­don Gen2
HaLRGB 540:720:180:180:140 min.
ROSA Remote Obser­vat­or­ies South­ern Alps
© Mar­tin Ruster­holz, Astrophotographer

Find­er Chart M106 (NGC 4258) in Canes Venatici

M106 Galaxy Sky Chart Astrophotography Martin Rusterholz

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