Barn­ard’s Galaxy (NGC 6822, Cald­well 57)

NGC 6822 in Sagit­tari­us is argu­ably the most cel­eb­rated and import­ant deep-sky dis­cov­ery made by Edward Emer­son Barn­ard in 1884. This island of stars with an appar­ent dia­met­er of 15 arc min lies about 1.5 mil­lion light-years away and is a mem­ber of the Loc­al Group like the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) and the Pin­wheel Galaxy (M33).

Like the nearby Large Magel­lan­ic Cloud, NGC 6822 seems to be without sym­metry and is clas­si­fied as an irreg­u­lar. At one end of a prom­in­ent bar a few clouds of glow­ing gas can be seen; at the oth­er, bright blu­ish stars are scattered out into what appears to be the first signs of a strag­gling spir­al arm.

[descrip­tion from O’Meara and Aus­trali­an Astro­nom­ic­al Observatory]


RCOS 20″ f/8.5
Para­mount ME
Apo­gee U16M
Astro­don Gen2
HaLRGB 320:1260:200:220:260 min.
Sierra Remote, California
© Mar­tin Ruster­holz, Astrophotographer

Find­er Chart Barn­ard’s Galaxy (NGC 6822, Cald­well 57)

NGC 6822 Galaxy Sky Chart Astrophotography Martin Rusterholz

Image cre­ated by Skychart

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